MKE Week 11: Getting My Stride

Although I have struggled with finding time for all the activities and everything else I am committed to (day job, business, family, health, Ollie the Bordercollie….), surprisingly (at least to me) I find myself today caught up with the course and ready for this Sunday’s webinar!  Yay me!!  Yay Master Key!  Are we really already on week 12?!!

Things I notice:

  • I stay calm and neutral when emotions around me are flying high.  I notice I go to my breath, or one of the auto-suggestions that are becoming second nature.
  • I am happier.  When I am not happy, I can sit with it and drill down to the source of discontent. Once I know what is causing my anxiety (or sadness, overwhelm), I can move on from it and be happy again.
  • I am kinder to myself.  I notice my accomplishments, both small and large, and don’t dwell on what I am still working on.
  • I have way more faith in myself and others.
  • I LOVE and look forward to my commute to work.  I get excited with that block of time and use it for ENTHUSIASTIC out loud auto-suggestions, for audible books, for practice on mindful breathing, for chanting along to Kirtan music, and for phone calls and connection.
  • I am OK with my loved ones who are not on this path and love them right where they are.
  • My mental diet is improving.  I catch my worried or negative thoughts earlier.  Not always with the 5-second rule, but getting closer.


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