MKE Weeks 12 &13:Finding My Rhythm Among the Chaos

The end of a semester is a very hectic and busy time for a teacher, especially a high school teacher with 6 classes and 155 students.  I went back into the classroom after five years as a curriculum and program coordinator, so this year I am creating my own curriculum a mere stone’s throw ahead of the students themselves.

So weeks 12 and 13 in the MKE system were running parallel and were intertwined with the circus of a crazy busy life.  Complicated by a mini crisis like situation for a family member who needs me to be able to drop everything and be there when needed, usually that means to just be present as a good listener. I am so thankful that the MKE is helping me to be a fully present and empathetic listener.

I learned the last 2-3 weeks to be kind to myself, not beat myself up that I was running behind on some parts of the MKE, and instead bask in the happiness that I actually knew what those parts were, and was ENTHUSIASTICALLY excited to get to them. My readings were more enthusiastic than ever as these moments were moments for not just me, but my future self.  That friend whom I care about so much and want to make sure I am doing everything that is humanly possible for the best life ever for my future self.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!

I ALWAYS keep my promises.

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