Week 16 Kindness

We have an added activity in the course.  The Franklin Makeover.  In order to become more aware of the positive expressions of our humanity, we are selecting one expression per week.  Being open to hyper awareness of that expression around us in others, as well as in ourselves.  The first week I selected “imagination” as that is a quality I want to develop more of in myself.  This second week, everyone in the course was assigned “kindness.”

Recognize.  Relate.  Assimilate.  Apply.  R2A2.

We started the exercise on a Monday, and for me, I have always enjoyed random acts of kindness, and being kind in the face of chaos.  On Monday and Tuesday one of the ways I chose to demonstrate kindness was in my classroom.  By day, I am a 9th grade English teacher, and 157 14-15 year olds come through my room each day.  NMWH.  My motto.  No Matter What Happens.  Be kind.  The students and their moods are all over the place, and I breathe through it all.  I do my best to not let their anxieties and mood swings affect my own.  So I smile and think kind thoughts and look them in the eye when they are talking to me, NMWH.  I ramped this up on kindness week and was feeling full of love and kindness for them all.

Driving home (45 minute commute) on Tuesday January 8th I was already in a great mood.  When I got home, it took me at least 5 minutes to realize something was different.  OMG.  Christmas was down.  My 29 year old newlywed daughter had come over to hang with the family Bordercollie and let him out, and turned that into an all day affair of taking down Christmas, packing it up, organizing it into the garage, and cleaning the house.  SUCH A HUGE AND KIND GIFT TO HER MAMA.

We also have a chore card every week, building our muscles of keeping our promises to ourselves.  On Sunday, January 6th, I had written on my chore card, “Take down Christmas by 1/13.”  I always keep my promises, Cid Chun.

This was my first time manifesting in this way, my chore card was done early due to a random act of kindness by my daughter.

Totally cool.

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