MKE Week 15: Mental Diet or Bust!

New Year, new ME.  Week 15 is a definite marker for me.  From weeks 11-14 I was struggling to keep up with the activities.  Week 15, and everything is finally flowing.  Of the activities I have not accomplished at the level I would like, the Mental Diet is number one.  To go seven days without a negative, fearful, worrying, judging (even of myself), or complaining thought that gets removed within 5 seconds is difficult.  I have been strict with myself on the “5-second rule.”  As we learned, it is the norm for our brain, conditioned by 1000’s of years for survival, to focus on what could or is going wrong.  But to recognize that thought as not just unnecessary, but actually detrimental to the goal of visual, creative, constructive thinking (within 5 seconds), has been difficult to say the least.

What I do notice is a huge shift in that when I catch myself making “survival plans” in my head, I am much kinder with myself.  It might not be within 5 seconds, but the negative thoughts are noticed.  And that is huge.

So I think January will be the month for 7 consecutive days of positive, constructive, creative thinking.

15.13 Thought may lead to action of any kind, but whatever the action, it is simply the thought attempting to express itself in visible form.  It is evident, therefore, that if we wish desirable conditions, we can afford to entertain only desirable thoughts.

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