Week 17: Hero’s Journey

I have heard of and had intention to read Joseph Campbell for many years. So, very excited to supplement the MKE class with the wisdom of Joseph Campbell and the Hero’s Journey.

I put Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers on my Audible and have been listening to it on my work commute.  Combined with the webinar last Sunday, which walked us through the four stages of death in relation to our old self, our old habits, our old blueprint- all of this really helped me see my own transformation from an outside perspective.  In some areas, I still have a little denial going on.  Others, some anger.  More often these last weeks I think I have been in the stage of grief.  I didn’t realize why I was sad until the webinar.  The last stage, acceptance, is shining through and helping with the moments of grief. However, overall, I have been happier than I can remember.  Same shit happens, life has its challenges, but I am lighter and happier than ever.

“Life has no meaning.  Each of us have meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.” Joseph Campbell

6 thoughts on “Week 17: Hero’s Journey”

  1. Hey Cid, I believe I am right with you and your personal Hero’s Journey experience. I bought that book years ago and just dug it out of my shelf. I too was fascinated with Joseph Campbell but now I will also read his book to accompany what we are all accomplishing. Lucky uou living on Oahu! Aloha!

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