MKE Week 24: Beyond the Opened Door


It’s amazing to think this is the last week of the Master Key Experience.  I feel like I am spinning from the rapid rate of growth I have experienced.  The readings, the activities, the persistence, and the demands I put on myself seemed beyond my capabilities so many times.  That I have pushed through and made the finish line makes me feel ecstatic with joy.  I am so much more happy and I have so much more belief in myself and my mission in life than I did at the beginning of this course.

Although I have come so far, I feel like I am actually at a new beginning.  That the shifts and transformations I have experienced have lifted me up to where I can see the door to a whole new way of thinking, living, and being. I am proud of my perseverance and persistence, and yet I was not able to embrace the totality of what was offered.  I struggled with finding time and did not accomplish a 3X a day routine. I can imagine how much more automatic everything will become as I continue to embed my new habits.

I am grateful beyond measure for Mark and Davene, for their wisdom and passion that they share, and for this course that they have created with the Master Keys. A big thank you to the fellow instructors, Danya, Lori, Gigi, and Derek – your contributions and wisdom added so much value. I am incredibly thankful for my Guide Stephana, whose heartfelt love, belief, and encouragement pulled me from several ledges; and for Christelle, my fellow tribe member who made it to the finish line and actively encouraged me every step of the way.

I had a difficult time finding a Mastermind Group, and then the last two weeks I found Scott and Norina in the alliances.  I am so grateful for fellow travelers in the Master Keys and the encouragement and masterminding we will do.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my fellow MKE bloggers.  Your stories and insights helped me through several moments when I wondered if I would make it to the end.

The old blueprint is crumbling, the cement is flying off, and I am ready and excited to go through the door that has been opened for me by this course, by the instructors, and by this tribe.  My connection to Spirit and my higher self is stronger.  Mahalo.

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