MKE Week 19: Cracking through the Cement

Don’t you just love serendipity? When the connections with all the dots in your life become apparent.  That moment of epiphany?

19.12 We are in the presence of continual change, and we know that this change is but the evolution of the Universal Mind, the grand process whereby all things are continually being created anew, and we come to know that matter is but a form which Mind takes and is therefore simply a condition.  Matter has no principle, Mind is the only principle.

19.8  …Evil is found to be simply a negative condition, the absence of Good..

Good is the principle, evil is just the absence of Good.

Health is the principle, disease is the absence of Health

Truth is the principle, falsehood is the absence of Truth

Abundance is the principle, poverty is the absence of Abundance

Light is the principle, darkness is the absence of Light

All these concepts feel and ring true as I read them in my studies, but understanding them conceptually is so much easier that living them through the the times when disease, financial stressors, lies and falsehoods, through what feels like complete and utter darkness.

In my life there have been several times when I am moving forward on my personal goals and dreams and all hell broke loose. People I loved needed my help.  Unexpected catastrophies caused financial setbacks.  Cancer struck. Fucked up shit happened.

So I would put my personal goals and personal transformation on the back burner and deal with the shit.  I persevered and made it through some really challenging times. In many ways I am proud of myself for that perseverance.  For still being here and for helping others when they asked for my help.

So at a time in my life where I had a moment, I put me first again. I signed on for the MKE class.  I set goals for me and for my business.

And shit happened.  What could go wrong was going wrong.  Fires popped up that needed to be put out.  Last week was the climax of the madness; there was one day where some live conflicts, a couple texts, and a couple emails (all pointing to things that had blown up) poked my anxiety triggers like nobody’s business.

Meanwhile, I am getting up at 3 am instead of 4 am so I can do my things before job things and family things and people need my help things. I am determined to keep my promises I made to myself.

On my 45 minute commute to and from my day job, one of the things I do is listen to books on Audible.  Friday, I was listening to Jen Sincero’s “You are a Badass.”  Jen is describing what happens when we make that decision to keep going. She implores us to not stop what we are doing for our goals, for our transformation.  She describes how a whole lot of shit might happen, and how we might misinterpret this crapola carnival and let it veer us off our course.  She describes a client she had who quit his corporate job to start his own business.  He experienced two flat tires and a whole mess of stuff I can’t name right now.  But what impressed me was she said when the all this happens to us when we make a decision to change ourselves and our lives and live our heart’s purpose, it is a SIGN THAT OUR OLD BLUEPRINT IS TRYING ITS ABSOLUTE BEST TO STOP US.

Yes.  She said old blueprint (exactly what we are learning in our MKE course – old blueprint), our old blueprint was fighting for what it knew to stay in place.

All that shit raining down on my parade last week was not the Universe testing me.  It was my old blueprint trying to keep the cement over my Golden Buddha.

Which means the cement is cracking.  My old blueprint put up quite a fight last week, which tells me the cracks are widening and crumbling and falling….

I was SO HAPPY.  I was able to see all the stuff objectively and I did not feel worn down by it.  I felt elated that I am on my way back, I am getting really close, to who I came here to be. Folks, the old blueprint is taking its death rattle breaths.

6 thoughts on “MKE Week 19: Cracking through the Cement”

  1. I feel with you …. we will arrive at a place where the old blueprint is merely a shadow of its present self, and the new one is manifesting like gangbusters. Others have done it, so can we.

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