MKE Week 7: Mental Diet

You know the saying, “when it rains it pours.” That’s what this week (OK- last 3 weeks) felt like.  One of our assignments this week was to go on a mental diet and not have a negative thought that lasted longer than five seconds.  If we do, then the next day starts as Day ONE, again.  So, I have so far had 5 day ones this week.

The pouring down rain.  Some family drama over wills and trusts and everyone’s expectations.  This course has been a life saver through this.  I am visualizing harmony, gratitude, love, and sending it out. I haven’t had negative thoughts in terms of hateful, angry,  or vengeful thoughts.  However, I am battling worry, problem solving over what might be the next flare up. I catch these thoughts, but not within the five second rule.  Hence day 5 of day 1.  What I see positively is the process.  As I recognize the worry, let it go, and replace it with thoughts of harmony and love, I am slowly becoming more objective and less attached to the thoughts.

My day job is a high school English teacher with a straight line of 9th grade.  That’s 160 14/15 year olds every day, all day long.  There’s a no hat rule in the buildings and one day last week I found myself arguing with a wanna be gangster look kid why a “do-rag” does indeed count as head gear.  On migraine medicine and with a pinched nerve in my neck. Like I said, the Universe is giving me plenty of opportunities to really work on this challenge of a 7 day mental diet of total positivity.

More thunderstorms.  Migraines, Hashimoto’s Disease, and physical health issues.  I have been coming home from work/commute completely tuckered out. Waking up with pain from two discs in my neck that are without cushion, and can pinch a nerve more often than not, and all this throws me off track.  So I have missed a couple evening reading in lieu of passing out.  To not feel guilty, or FOMO on the compound effect is rough.

I choose to see the gains.  I am still here.  Pushing through.  Believing and with faith that I can do this, get through the thunderstorms, and rise.

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