MKE Week Four – Habits

This week I found myself looking forward to the daily readings more than anything else.  I’m fixated on changing my habits.  Enthusiastic readings in my living room are my favorite.

4.9  “If you cannot do these things it is because you have thus far not made the necessary effort.  Now is the time to make the effort. The result will be exactly in proportion to the effort expended.  One of the strongest affirmations which you can use for the purpose of strengthening the will and realizing your power to accomplish is, ‘ I can be what I will to be.”

You know that week when the shit is hitting the fan, when drama and conflict and humans who are stuck in their stuff are flinging their stuff around at others? Well I had a bit of a week like that.  What I notice is, since beginning the Master Key Experience I am hyper aware of the thoughts in my head. My bad habit is dwelling on “fixing” things.  The way my thoughts have done this for decades is I have conversations in my head with the people in the conflict. Over and over and over and over.  Now that I am aware of it, releasing these thoughts and replacing them with other thoughts has been my mission.  It’s taking a lot of practice.

So, on my hour long commute each way to work, when I catch that conversation pop up, I say out loud and ENTHUSIASTICALLY, “clear me, clear me, clear me; do it now do it now do it now, I can be what I will to be….. (several times), I AM a constructive thinker.  Then I work on visualizing details of my DMP.  It’s usually less than five minutes before I am back to a problem based conversation.

It’s kept me busy and my throat is hoarse from the shouting going on during my commutes.

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