Week 3: The Puzzle of PPN’s

Week 3 feels somewhat like a bit of a break through week.  The daily activities are becoming both routine, and I also forward to them; and instead of feeling overwhelmed and like I don’t really have the time, I feel energized both going into the daily readings and coming out of them.  Reading aloud with enthusiasm is fun.  Uplifting. It’s like putting a stick in the wheel of time and stopping it to pay attention in a moment.  In that moment of reading aloud and feeling the enthusiasm and all the other feelings, I’m on a stage in an empty theatre and I have the space and freedom to live loud and break out of my “cement.”

My DMP is eluding me still.  But I think I’m almost there. I am on revision 4 or 5.  It’s the PPN’s that have been tipping me up  So, I’ve been trying several on, each like a  new outfit and walking around in it for a day or two to see how it feels.  Then it’s like, well this one feels good, like something I could wear to work everyday.  But will it allow me to open up new doors in my life?  Doors that I’ve been nudging at (OK, sometimes pounding on without much luck), for what feel like forever.  So I try on another PPN.

We had a tribe zoom this week on PPN’s, and I had a couple very inspiring marco polos with my guide.  There was a suggestion to really get to know the words we were considering.  Look up the roots, origins…  And a very helpful handout.

I haven’t finished my revision.  But I feel good about where the week has taken me.  The path has led me to…… Legacy and Liberty.

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