Well, I am finding my way. Sometimes the biggest discoveries are so common sense that it makes me wonder WTF was I thinking in the first place.  The biggest challenge for me the first week was the evening reading.  I not only took the directions of “before retiring” to literally mean get ready for bed and read in bed, that is what I was attempting.  Then, one night this week I decided to give it a go in the living room. Standing up.  With the paperwork on the back of the couch like a pulpit  and me reading everything with full enthusiasm, including body language.  I rocked it.  The evening read went from sleepy time guilt ridden barely make it to the finish line, to personal sermon like delivery.  Yay me 😉   I am still working on the mid day read.  Getting it done.  I only have a half hour lunch as a high school teacher.  And this last week was end of quarter, so I not only didn’t eat lunch nor do a midday reading, I was with students coming in at lunch for tutoring.  But, I do have complete faith that I will figure it out.

My favorite part this week was the PPN exercise.  Personal Pivotal Need.  There are seven.  I thought for sure I knew what mine were, but I had three not two, and so was having a hard time selecting between Legacy, Autonomy, and Liberty; as these three have eluded me in my life thus far, AND these three are what I am working towards and had been working towards when I came upon the MKMMA.  However, I wondered if Helping Others and True Health might be my two PPN’s, as these are areas I have been doing work with for decades and have gotten quite good at.  Especially helping others.  As a wife, mom, and public school teacher I can help others like a kangaroo with a pouch big enough for an infinity of little joeys.  In the end, what I found intriguing, was when I sat with the seven PPN’s, and did some meditating on them, I realized that my two are Spiritual Growth and Recognition for Creative Expression.  Interestingly, these are the two I was working on developing in my 20’s, before marriage, children, and teaching.  So I am circling back.  It really helped that Mark explained that by picking two we are not eliminating the other five.  Because I do desire Legacy, Autonomy, and Liberty; but it seems these will come by way of the PPN’s I decided on.  It will be interesting to see how this all rolls out.

1 thought on “Week Two MKE WOWZA!”

  1. Great thoughts Cid! My favorite part is of your week 2 is you having the faith that you will figure it out 😀 I’m working on the “figuring it out part” also 👍 I know we’ll all figure it out 🤩🤩🤩🤩


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