Week One Master Key Experience

Week One of the Master Key Experience had some challenges for me. I was feeling a little overwhelmed, which could be in part to my job as a high school English teacher and we’re at the end of a quarter.  It’s crazy town at work – and I drive across the island to go to work. So, to get up in time to do my MKE exercises, I set the alarm for 3 am.

What fell right in place for me were the readings and questions in the morning.  Sitting for 15 minutes was kind of hard. Like, I set the timer on my phone for 15 minutes, and at a certain point I became fixated on the thought that I hadn’t activated the timer and, seriously, how LONG was I going to wait to check the time?  Maybe it had been 20 or 30 minutes already??  The first day I cheated and looked at my timer.  It only had 45 seconds left to the 15 minute mark!  So I learned to trust and sit, even if 15 minutes felt like an hour.

What’s most difficult for me is the evening exercises.  After getting up at 3 am, doing MKE work and work on my side hustle, leaving at 545 and driving across 45 minutes to work, teaching 160 9th graders all day (and having questions coming at me like a hail storm)….  Not to mention the drive home, the exercise time for me and Ollie Ollie the Bordercollie, and well, a girl’s gotta eat. Anywho’s, I find that to do the reading aloud tasks in the evening, I need to begin before I retire.  I’m too exhausted to do them from bed.  Finding my evening rhythm with enthusiasm will be my obstacle to push through for sure.

I enjoyed writing my DMP (Definite Major Purpose), but now I need to revise based on feedback from my guide.  More on that next week 😉

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